• Comprehensive travel consultations
  • Full range of vaccinations including: Yellow fever, Q fever, Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis
  • Completion of vaccination record booklet to meet health regulation guidelines
  • Educational material, travel booklets

  • If you are traveling to Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe or anywhere else in the world, a travel medicine consultation at Durrant Medical Clinic is a vital part of planning your next holiday or business trip. There has been a shortage of certain vaccines since COVID. Some have been place on back order.

    Even ‘safe’ travel to Europe and North America is not without risk. Children, older travelers and those who have a weakened immune system are especially at risk. Illnesses can be caused by exposures which include contaminated food or water, poor hygiene or infected insects, animals or people. We offer advice and ideas on how to look after your health while you are away and upon your return. Durrant Medical Clinic offers a full range of vaccinations on site for your convenience to protect you while away.

    Vaccination costs range from $20 to $180. There may be specific vaccinations which may cost a traveller more than $300. Certain private health insurance companies offer a rebate on travel vaccinations. Please call your private health insurance company for details.

    We ask that you bring in your full itinerary if available so comprehensive advice can be given.

    A consultation fee will vary from $85 - $350 depending on the complexity of your trip and medical history and is applicable per person. We recommend that if traveling with a family, the whole family attend the consultation so that medical advice is given specifically to meet individual needs. Please bring along details of childhood vaccinations. We bulk bill children 15 years and under. A tax invoice is given to work related travelers (Business Travel) as the consultation is not medicare rebatable.

    If you experience illness while away or upon your return, we highly recommend a prompt medical review.

    To speak to a staff member or any of our doctors call 03 9592 5133 or email Durrant Medical Clinic here.