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18 years old and over COVID VACCINE AVAILABLE

If you are 18 years old and over, you can receive age appropriate COVID vaccine. Durrant Medical Clinic patients can call to make an appointment. Limited appointments are available Monday - Friday at 10am.

If you have had a 1st dose of Astra Zeneca Vaccine, your 2nd dose must be AstraZeneca UNLESS you suffer the following:

    clotting with thromboctyopaenia
    other significant adverse event during your first dose

If you DO have one of the above criteria, make an appointment with your GP who will need to complete a referral to VicSIS (Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services). VicSIS make the decision whether patient can have dose 2 as Pfizer. This is not the decision of general practice.

NOT A PATIENT of this practice?

Please select "Covid Consent Form - Not a patient of DMC" and complete details. Include all required details and any relevant medical history you and/or your regular GP feel is important. You can type straight into the form and email to us: dmcstaff@durrantmc.com.au.

Once you have emailed your forms to us, we will email confirmation of an appointment time.


pic of face mask Should you be symptomatic, you will receive a telehealth consultation from your GP prior to attending our outdoor marquee (situated at the back of our building) for a physical exam and/or swabbing. Due to the location of our marquee and neighbouring premises, we ask patients to be mindful of privacy and noise.

Our aim is to give our patients the highest possible quality of care by ensuring excellence in all aspects of our practice. We endeavour to provide patients with the best and most current treatments, methods, materials and equipment within our resource capabilities to ensure patients receive the high quality of service they have come to know from our doctors and staff. We believe that patients come first.

Our patients are assured to receive timely care and advice appropriate to their individual needs. Patients have the opportunity to communicate their health concerns, and receive enough information to make informed decisions with their doctors about their care.

Our focus is not only on disease prevention and treatment but on health promotion as well. We welcome new patients and families to our clinic. We believe your time is valuable so please download a New Patient Form to complete prior your appointment.

Durrant Medical Clinic is proud to offer specialty services such as Shared Care with Sandringham Hospital, Travel Medicine and Vaccines, Iron Infusions and Skin Checks.

*Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 6.30pm Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00pm

We are closed Sunday and Public Holidays.

Updated Outside Pic *Fees apply for children from 6pm and on Saturday